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2 Slices of Toast

2 Slices of Toast

April 15, 2023

I was having breakfast recently at a highly recommended restaurant.

The food, service and atmosphere were all great!  However, what caught my attention was seemingly insignificant, but profound when observed by a former restaurant guy and longtime financial planner.

I still love restaurants and love financial planning.  So, quite often those 2 worlds collide!

I digress!

When breakfast was served I noticed there was only 1 slice of toast cut in half!  I was already debating whether to order toast or not.  And often only eat 1 slice anyway, since I am trying to eat less bread.  Truthfully, more often than not, I plow down all the toast because it's there!  I love bread!!

Funny thing,  I didn't miss the second slice anyway.

Wow!  So many benefits:  less carbs, less fat, lower blood pressure and probably some benefits that I can't even remember.  Hey, maybe a better memory!

That's when the restaurant guy and financial planner collided.  Think about the restaurant having less food cost, less labor cost, less inventory, less waste, happier employees and healthier customers!

It's like saving 10% of your income for retirement.  After you make a habit of saving that 10%, you don't even miss it.  And when you get raises, put some of that raise into savings by increasing the monthly amount.  Oh yes, don't forget to give!!  If you don't save it, it gets gobbled up much like the toast.

Think about the benefits:  more secure future, comfortable retirement, affording to do the things you want to do, happier children that don't need to support you later and a happier community since you are giving.

I wonder what restaurant person decided to serve 2 slices of toast anyway?  

Probably the same person, who said you need to time the market and take social security at age 62!

Remember, it's not what you earn, it's what you keep.