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Meet Our Team Member: Terry George

Meet Our Team Member: Terry George

May 01, 2020

Security Financial Management has a strong management team, but more than that, we consider everyone who touches your account to be an important part of our family. On this team, you’ll find people who share our vision of doing the right thing—and all with an impressive response time.  

We at SFM work as a team to provide you with unparalleled service and make sure every piece of your financial life is on track to reach your goals. We all share the same vision of creating relationships based on trust and putting you first, always. But you might be wondering what some of our team members do and how their work impacts you and your money. So today, we are highlighting our very own Terry George! 

Check out his profile and get to know him better!

How Can We Help You?

We are so thankful for our SFM family—and that includes not just our team members but our clients too! If there is anything we can help you with or any questions we can answer, we’d love to see how we can serve you better. Schedule a call today or email to get started!

About Security Financial Management

Security Financial Management is an independent financial services firm dedicated to delivering exceptional service built on reliability and trust. With 3 locations in Central Florida and 1 in Rochester, MN, SFM has been partnering with clients for over 25 years, providing comprehensive financial planning. To learn more about Security Financial Management, connect with them on LinkedIn.