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Simple Fees You Can Understand? It’s Possible

Simple Fees You Can Understand? It’s Possible

November 09, 2020

Not only can talking about money be uncomfortable, but the intricacies of how financial advisors work can seem overly complicated. This is likely one of the reasons why investors are confused by wealth management fees and don’t ask for clarification or details. But regardless of the complexities and awkwardness, it’s essential to understand these fees and how they impact your investments’ net performance.

We at Security Financial Management feel it is critical for our clients and potential clients to understand how we work and what we charge. We place a high priority on honesty, transparency and strive to make the financial planning process streamlined, economical, and valuable. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect.

What We Charge

As a fiduciary, we build a financial plan according to your needs and goals. Since your financial plan is customized to you and not cookie-cutter, your fees will be unique to your plan. 

Our fee structure is simple. We generally charge in the form of a percentage of assets under management (AUM). Since we don’t want to limit available tools, some of the products we offer are commissioned based, such as 529 plans and annuities. What it comes down to is this: your best interests are always first.

One Less Worry

The truth is, out-of-control investment fees can eat away at your hard-earned money and derail your financial goals. You won’t have that problem with us. We think you should know exactly what to expect with your fee structure. Bottom line,your success is our success. And, success is no accident.


Our greatest hope is that you will feel confident and secure in our process and what you are paying for our services. At Security Financial Management, we believe that financial planning is critical for your success, but it doesn’t have to be a heavy burden. Get started today by scheduling a call today or reaching out to us at