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The benefits of working in retirement

The benefits of working in retirement

May 07, 2024

When most people envision their dream retirement, images of sandy beaches or relaxing mornings with the newspaper come to mind. And while it might sound great to retire completely from working, you might want to reconsider working through your retirement years. There are a variety of benefits that make working in retirement a good option.

Keep your mind sharp

As you get older, you might start to notice your mind isn’t as sharp as it once was. This is a product of aging that isn’t fun for anyone. But did you know that if you keep working, you could improve your brain function? It’s been shown that retirees who continue to work in one form or another have better mental health than their peers who stopped working.

Physical activity

Just because you aren’t working in a warehouse doesn’t mean that your job isn’t keeping you physically active. Many retirees relax into their experience and forget to take care of their physical body, but by continuing to work, you can stay upright, get in more steps, and maintain good physical health as a result.

Money still helps

While maybe not your driving factor any longer, making money in your later years can still be beneficial. Whether you want to leave an inheritance to your beneficiaries or enjoy more of your own life, keeping your salary can help. Plus, if you continue to work and push off taking Social Security benefits past full retirement age (until age 70), you will earn 8% more in benefits for each year you delay, giving you another financial benefit.

Find purpose and passion

Retirement work doesn’t have to be the same work you did for the past thirty years. In fact, choosing meaningful work in retirement can help you feel more passionate and reinvigorated about your life, while also giving you meaningful purpose. These emotional benefits are nothing to sneeze at. They can help decrease the risk of depression and give you a healthy sense of fulfillment later in life.


After years of working because you had to, now you can work because you want to. Consider volunteer work, or using your skills in a new way that excites you. Now’s your time to pick a passion project and run with it!

Stay social in the workplace

Retirees often report their lives as isolated and lonely. The workplace is somewhere where you can maintain social connections or build new ones. These meaningful interactions can help you feel connected to others and ward off feelings of isolation as you age. Plus, working together with others can help you feel a sense of comradery and pride that is hard to find outside of the workplace as you age.

There’s no one-size-fits-all retirement

What you decide to do in retirement might differ from someone else, and that’s ok. There are many reasons why someone might choose to leave their working life behind in retirement. However, you should understand the benefits of continuing your existing work, or finding a meaningful role as you age to help you physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.