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Why I Think People Delay in Buying Life Insurance Yet Buy Puppies

November 28, 2016
  1. Some People think the process is very cumbersome (and potty training a puppy is not?). The process of buying life insurance really is not as difficult as most people think. There is a process of what is called underwriting that helps assess which risk classification you should go into, but keep this in mind...that is a good thing.

The more questions that are asked of you, the more health history that the underwriter gets could potentially

give you a better rating than a guaranteed issue or simplified issue product. There are 4 steps to the life insurance. First, you talk to your

agent (if you do not have one, please talk to us at the financial services department) and get the best quote for your health situation. Second, you take an application. Third, you have an examiner meet you at your place of choice and give you a FREE examination and lab tests (AND no deductible or copayment needed..hhmm). And last, you wait for an offer. It really is quite simple.

  1. Some People think that life insurance will be extremely expensive (try adding up vet bills, dog toys and dog food).

Until you actually talk to someone, don't just guess that your life insurance is going to be horribly

expensive. There are many different companies that have different rates for different variables such as age and health impairments. There are also different types of products such as term, blended permanent insurance with term, life insurance with long term care benefits and so many more that can enable you to have a customized plan that can allow you to take care of your loved ones in an affordable fashion. This is why it is so important to go thru experienced agents rather than just jumping on the internet and getting what you get. You need options, choices and help. Also, keep in mind, term rates are still at an all time low and are very affordable. This is an opportune time to buy term insurance. These low rates will not last too long.

  1. Some people think that their health issues may preclude them from being insurable (Mr. Barker has many issues).

Yes it is true that 'some' medical conditions may cause one to be uninsurable (where the insurance company does not want to insure the risk associated with that person). But every impairment has its own set of conditions and guidelines. Don't ever just assume. In this business, we NEVER assume. We like to do our homework up front. In fact, new to the financial services department, besides my lucky self, is a NEW software program that will enable us to plug in personal medical history in detail and be able to blindly shop (no identification given- i.e. female age 42) to at least 20 underwriters from at least 20 companies and have them tell us how their company will look at that individual based on the information given. Not all insurance companies are created equal...when it comes to health issues. Each company has its own 'niche' and when one is good with diabetes, another one may not be so good. SO, with the new year and our new software, if you or a loved one has medical issues and are curious to see what kind of rate you may get for life insurance, disability insurance or long term care insurance, please contact me and I will be happy to run a blind shop on them to see how they 'may' get tentatively underwritten. Keep in mind, the more candid and more personal information that is given, the more accurate the quote will be.

So in conclusion, I guess if life insurance was cute and cuddly, more people would buy it. It IS more necessary than a puppy (subject to controversy). But, no one said you couldn't have both.

Should you or a loved one would like a confidential blind shop (risk assessment) done for them at no cost, please contact me, Mike Allen at 321-383-8815. Remember, Life insurance is for the people (and pets) YOU left behind.