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Why it’s important to us that you understand your Medicare options

May 11, 2020

Security Financial Management has been known for its diversified approach to investing and financial planning.

Many people think of a financial planning firm as giving advice on money and how to invest. But, there are many other elements of a financial plan that are just as important, such as proper estate planning, asset protection, survivorship planning, long-term care planning and more.   Addressing the many areas of your plan, ensures you have a well-rounded and sufficient plan to protect you and those you love.

But what about Medicare for myself or my family and friends nearing 65 or older? Medicare insurance options are just as important to understand, as any of the others listed above.

Security Financial Management is now equipped to review and explain the Medicare program and help you understand the options that are available. Whether you are currently on a Medicare plan or becoming Medicare eligible in the near future, allow us to take a look at how you are currently covered and explain other choices that may be available, to confirm you are on the plan that is best suited to your needs from a health and financial view.

In our experience, many view Medicare insurance passively without knowing if there may be a better option available. A plan you enrolled in 3-5 years ago may not be the best solution for you today. As your financial and health situations change, your plan may need to change.

So, what can you do? Contact your advisor about doing a Medicare “checkup”!

We are also happy to provide a complimentary Medicare "checkup" for friends and family.  So, feel free to let people know we are here to help!