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Your Financial Plan and the Current Economy

Your Financial Plan and the Current Economy

August 07, 2018

As financial planners, it is our job to establish financial plans with long term and short term goals for our clients.

The plan is only the beginning and it is also our job to evaluate the overall plan on a consistent basis to assure our clients are staying on track with their long term plan, while dealing with current and short term volatility in the various global economies and global markets.

The financial plan is a great tool for us to review during volatile times and helps us keep a long term perspective.  We can't let short term volatility and current events distract us and disrupt our plan.  

It is important to stay informed and make adjustments when needed, but the overall plan framework, like any good business or game plan, needs to be followed.

The link below will bring you to a pre-recorded Quarterly Perspectives webinar, presented by one of our investment partners, Loring Ward.  It is a short, but informative webinar on the second quarter.

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