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Corporate Executives & Employees

Corporate Executives & Employees

We have worked with many clients receiving corporate benefits. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Progress Energy, Allstate, United Space Alliance and many other corporations’ employees have trusted us with their long-term goals and retirement funds.

Because your job is laborious and complex in nature, we want to help guide you through the entire process. We want to make sure you understand we are working hard to protect and grow your money to suit your goals. We use a consultative process to evaluate your intermingled family goals, financial challenges and corporate life.  We will customize these strategies to your unique circumstances. 

Our goal is to help you have a well-balanced and financially stable life.

Pre-Retirees and Retirees

Pre-Retirees and Retirees

With our collaborative planning process, we can nurture your wealth so you can have financial freedom, while planning for your family’s future.

Life doesn’t stop at retirement, it is simply a new and exciting chapter of your life. As you have many years left to enjoy, we want to make sure you are financially ready to fund all the exciting things that are ahead of you in your retirement.

We can help those approaching retirement have a pleasant transition and help achieve all your financial goals. We will discuss all your concerns, wishes and financial legacy that you would like to pass on.

With the collaboration of our trusted team of professionals, we will use our proven approach to address:  estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, education planning, investment planning and asset protection.

We have the tools and resources to help you obtain financial freedom.

Business Owners

Business Owners

We are also business owners and understand the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur.

We know the complexities of maintaining a successful business while, at the same time, making sure your personal finances are secure and exposed to the appropriate amount of risk.

As your CFO, we understand that your professional and personal lives overlap in many ways, especially in the realm of your finances.  We want to help you, no matter the stage you are in the life cycle of your business, to ensure your finances are being utilized efficiently and protected over the long run. We can help keep all your finances organized and allocated right where they need to be to maximize your business’s potential.

With our team, we can also help you make the most out of your business when you are ready to transition to a different phase of your life.  We will help you with your business valuation, sale and how to manage and protect your hard-earned assets.

Our planning process is to the point and efficient. With your collaboration, we will tailor a specific, manageable plan to suit both your business’s and your personal needs for every stage of your life; from startup to retirement.