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🌲 Can you guess our tree theme and win?

'Tis the season to join Kathleen S. Allen, Festival of Trees Orlando , and Security Financial Management, Inc. 10-day countdown to the Festival of Trees at the Orlando Museum of Art.

Each day, we will share an ornament and poem to hint at the theme of our spectacular tree. Guess the theme in the comments to WIN A PRIZE!

On the 10th day (Opening night, November 10), we will unveil the theme and showcase our stunning tree, which will be silently auctioned for charity!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when the guessing game begins!

Clue #1

In ten days, a theme we'll unveil,  

with a fish, we'll set sail.  

Guess what our tree's theme might be,  

For financial well-being by the sea.  

Clue #2

"Nine days until the tree theme is in sight,
With SFM, retirement looks so bright.
Like the pelican soars his wings, chase your dreams,
Join the team, and guess our theme."

Clue #3

"In eight days, with a starfish's grace,
Guiding us, to our happy place.
Guess our tree's theme, if you please,
For financial success, SFM has the keys!"

Clue #4

"Slow and steady wins the race,  

The turtles have gone on their way.  

At their pace, it will take seven days,  

Once they're here, the theme we will say!" 

Clue #5

"Only six days away, grab kids, men, and women,  

Guesses will be made, and if correct, win a ribbon.  

SFM makes lemonade, if you bring the lemon,  

Your success is our success, and that's the mission!" 

Clue #6

"Is it a color or a fruit,
It's the shade of drink, and name of the juice.
Guess away, only 5 days until the truth,
Join SFM for a retirement so smooth!"

Clue #7

“4 days left, the theme anticipation waits,
Unfold and lounge, let worries dissipate,
Informed investing, brings a peaceful state.
SFM does the lifting, for the retirement you embrace.”

Clue #8

"Only 2 clues left, you know the deal,
Your financial stress, is what SFM heals.
Today we add coral, found swimming by the seals,
Guess theme correct, and the prize is yours to steal!"

Clue #9

"Last clue today, tomorrow the theme we unwrap,
For anyone lost, look closer to the map.
No guess made correct, no winner for us to clap,
Join the SFM team, where retirement has no gaps,
SFM walks the walk, and yaps the yap!"

Can you Guess the Tree Theme?

Thank you!