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Stay informed on the Israel-Hamas conflict's impact on the US stock market. Listen to our latest podcast with special guest Paul Peterson, VP at First Trust.

Israel-Hamas Conflict and US Stock Market!

This interest rate hiking cycle aims to lower economic growth, eventually reducing inflation. While the end of the cycle implies an economic slowdown (and maybe a recession), it also implies an end to a period of very high inflation. In this edition of "Financially Speaking With SFM," Daniel Courson, MRFC©, and Dan LaForest, discuss how this is a clear positive for investors in the long term.

The End of a Cycle?

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As students head back to school getting ready for another year of learning, we question whether we should learn from history and whether it’s time to go back to the 60/40 portfolio for future goals. In this edition of "Financially Speaking with SFM," Daniel Courson, MRFC, Wealth Advisor, and Dan LaForest, Wealth Advisor, discuss inflation and the efficacy of the 60/40 portfolio.

Inflation and the Efficacy of the 60/40 Portfolio

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